What are Sinful selections?

Sinful selections are a line of liquor infused ice cream.


Why would you do such a thing?

We learned to make Pina Colada ice cream while training with a consultant. After coming home we decided that the possibilities were endless.


What flavors do you make?

For the store - none currently. For personal enjoyment and recipe building we have perfected Bourbon Ball, Pina Colada, Captain Morgan (Great for floats), Along with multiple Wine Sorbets. We have other ideas but we have not perfected those recipes.


Can you get drunk?

Short answer is yes. Our Bourbon Ball ice cream is around 3.5% alcohol by volume. Essentially a craft beer. The longer answer is - that's a lot of milk and sugar. You are probably going to get what we call dairy belly long before you get to the legal limit. So, not that you couldn't. You probably won't want to.


Why do it then?

We have found that a little liquor makes for an extremely smooth finished product. Sometimes flavors are found that require a little spirit. We fell in love with bourbon balls in Kentucky and had to find a way to put that amazing treat into ice cream.


Why won't you sell the Sinful Selections?

Long story short the Ohio liquor laws are not written in a way that would allow us to get a license to produce and sell our product. We could get a license to produce but we could not sell at our own store. Or we could sell but we would need to purchase the sinful selections from someone else and get a sales license. Its a very complicated issue.


Do you ever plan to sell Sinful Selections?

Yes- we are currently working with John Patterson to get the overly cumbersome liquor laws changed to allow for food based liquor products in Ohio.


Can we help?

Certainly- Feel free to email John Patterson (Rep99@ohiohouse.gov) and tell him that you support a food based liquor license in the State of Ohio. Don't live in the 99th district please email or call your local representative and ask why these products are not legal in Ohio but legal in multiple other states including our neighbor Pennsylvania.