We owe thanks to a group of people that kept our project moving forward. Our gratitude is literally written on this page. We can not thank these people enough.

A1 Restaurant supply  -  For keeping our budget in mind while ordering most of our equipment.    A1cleveland.com


Shawn Durkovic / Burden Relief LLC - Shawn has done a few home remodel projects for us but recently he has moved into the commercial retail remodeling. Shawn and his crew did an amazing remodel of the building. 440-969-4681


Newhart Plumbing - These guys came in and knocked it out. 440-228-6967


Keith Logan - Keith literally saved our project. Keith was more then happy to share all of the knowledge that he collected while working in the business. No thanks will ever repay the vast amount of knowledge that Keith shared with us.


Ralph and Diane Tressler - For keeping us moving forward when it seemed like the world was working against us.


Dave Wassie - For making the best custom menu boards.