The 2018 Season just ended

Wow, the 2018 season went fast. As you can tell Joe failed at updating the blog regularly. In his defense he’s been busy. We end the season with no real update on the Sinful Selections. The State of Ohio is ready to move forward. However, we were told that we didn’t need a Trade and Taxation license. Turns out we do. We are now waiting for our review to be completed. Believe it or not, we were told that if we complete that process in less then one and a half years we will be doing good. So, currently looks like 2020 will be the first season for sinful selections.

Big changes happened this year. We have picked up our first ice cream store customer. We now manufacture ice cream for Cones in the Ashtabula Harbor. Cones has also closed for the season.

Remember, you can get your fix at Sparky’s Place in Conneaut as they have our vanilla ice cream all year long.