The 2018 Season just ended

Wow, the 2018 season went fast. As you can tell Joe failed at updating the blog regularly. In his defense he’s been busy. We end the season with no real update on the Sinful Selections. The State of Ohio is ready to move forward. However, we were told that we didn’t need a Trade and Taxation license. Turns out we do. We are now waiting for our review to be completed. Believe it or not, we were told that if we complete that process in less then one and a half years we will be doing good. So, currently looks like 2020 will be the first season for sinful selections.

Big changes happened this year. We have picked up our first ice cream store customer. We now manufacture ice cream for Cones in the Ashtabula Harbor. Cones has also closed for the season.

Remember, you can get your fix at Sparky’s Place in Conneaut as they have our vanilla ice cream all year long.

Ups and Downs start 2018

It's 2018 and we are currently using our Facebook account for you to vote on the opening flavors. We have applied for the license to produce the sinful line. We have not heard back about our license yet. As equipment is 8-12 weeks out we are sure we will not have the sinful line at opening. Bummer, right? We will try to update this webpage more often then we have been. Over the winter we've had a roof leak and some equipment go down. We are currently working diligently to make sure that opening happens without a hitch. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Opening day is April 2nd this year. April 1st is Easter. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Sinful Selections Are Getting Closer

After over a year working with the legislature the bill to allow production and sale of our Sinful Selections has been introduced. Some time in the coming weeks Joe will be in Columbus to testify as to the need for the law change. Other's will testify to keep things they way they are. The change that we are trying to make would allow us to sell 4 pints per day to an adult (over 21) in our facility. We could also sell to a distributor and in turn you may, in the future, find the Sinful Selections in the liquor store where there would be no restriction on purchase amount. This is a very big deal for our very little store.

2016 is upon us

We are happy to announce we are wrapping up the paint touch ups. It seems like it was a very short off season. We are back to it. Next week we will begin ice cream production for our April 1st opening. Some things will change this year. You'll notice a lot more family working a lot more hours. We are going to try and keep Cakes and Treats on hand. Also watch our Facebook page around special occasions. Easter may have some cool ice cream treats even though we won't be officially open yet. We will not be having pies this year. Much to my dismay pies turn out to not be a good business plan. We will still have baklava and Texas sheet cake. We've also got our production in order so if you're opening an ice cream store we could supply you some ultra premium ice cream.

Ice Cream Competition

With the extra couple days we've got until opening Joe and Chris decided to see what new flavors they could make. So, we tried our first runs at Breakfast, Banana Cream Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and S'more. S'more and Banana Cream Pie moved up to the opening day menu. Breakfast will join shortly after but we need some supplies to make more then the quart we made today. We took the samples down to the Breakwall BBQ for a tasting. Banana Cream Pie won much to Joe's dismay since he designed the Breakfast ice cream. We're still hoping to be open on Wednesday. Hope to see you soon.

Delayed again

Well, we've been delayed again. We've passed our health inspection and department of agriculture inspection but there is a piece of paperwork required to have our license issued by the state. We now expect our license to be issued on Wednesday. If this is the case we expect to be open Wednesday either at 11 or whenever the license number is issued. We are sad to announce the delay. Watch for the now open sign. We'll put it up as soon as the license is issued.

Free Ice Cream Tomorrow

We are going to take a chance on tomorrow (6-14-15). After a long day yesterday Joe's feeling a little beat down. So, Today we hopefully have our last day of relaxation for awhile. Then tomorrow we hope to miss the storms. We'll be out at the street giving away ice cream samples. So, you've been wondering. Stop out around 1pm. We'll be serving Pistachio, bubble gum, chocolate, and cookies and cream. All made from scratch. These our first run at all of these flavors with the equipment and supplies we'll be using so constructive criticism is welcome. We'll be there while supplies last. We hope to see you tomorrow.

We will also have applications available for seasonal employment.

New timeline

Looks like we are almost there. We have a final fire inspection on Friday, Department of aggriculture inspection on Monday, The last of our equipment should show up on Tuesday, and our Health inspection is next Thursday. What's that mean. God willing we will have our soft opening Saturday June 20th. But there's a surprise coming this weekend so check back Saturday morning. We'll have the surprise posted by 10am.

Opening Date

After several delays we are sad to confirm that we will be delayed once again. Our opening date has been moved from June 1st to some time in mid June do to equipment delays. Check back to stay informed.