Heavenly Creamery is a from scratch ice cream store in Conneaut Ohio. We opened on day one serving our Angelic Ice Cream selections. Our Angelic line of products are French Ice Creams and Sorbets. We use real vanilla and don't cut corners on ingredients. In the future we hope to offer our Sinful Ice Cream to a more adult crowd. To see more on this line check out our sinful selections page.

Our Story

Owners Joe and Christine started their journey with a plan to put an ice cream truck on the Sandbar in Conneaut. After perfecting their ice cream recipes they found that a food truck just wasn't an option. Ever priced one of those things? So they had given up on the idea. Then after months of driving by an old church saying "someone should save that old church." They decided they could save the church themselves. They purchased the church without confirming they could use it for an ice cream store and moved forward in faith that they could pull it off. Once you own a church you have to stick with the theme. Heavenly Creamery was born. So, after months of holding the vacant building, battling setback after setback, and arguing with multiple government agencies, they are now open. The building is beautiful. The corner stone has been uncovered, the stained glass windows have been preserved, the structure has been brought closer to the original condition as to when it was built in 1905, and the equipment has moved in. Stop in and see us!


Closed For Season. See you April 1st 2019